Triple Cooked Duck Fat Chips

On most pub and steak joint menus nowadays you’ll find triple cooked chips (or fries), served as either a standard side dish or bar snack.  This incarnation of the humble chip is a relatively new phenomenon, devised by Heston Blumenthal in the early 1990s and served at his restaurant, The Fat Duck, in 1995.

The standard recipe does work but takes a while, and the chips can fall apart sometimes. So I created a simpler variation, adding in a duck nuance for extra flavour.

The result … triple cooked duck fat chips.
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Far Breton – A Deliciously Simple Dessert

Two slices of Far Breton

Whilst on holiday in Vietnam, we sampled a wonderful local delicacy “Banh Chuoi Nuong”, a dessert made using banana , bread, coconut milk and cream. This is a Vietnamese take on Far Breton, a classical dessert from the Brittany region of France.

Well having enjoyed the local version so much, I had to investigate the original dish. It is fairly easy to make, and is a creamy baked egg custard with prunes and an optional hint of rum.
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Cook A Life Less Ordinary

In the past I made a shopping list for meals we cooked regularly, went to a supermarket and purchased what is on that list. Same meals, week after week, or takeaways.

Since discovering cooking can be a lot of fun, we try different things. This could be a dish we have seen or eaten in a restaurant or at a friend’s house, or using a new ingredient.

Mealtimes have been transformed, as we Cook a Life Less Ordinary.
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The First Loaf of Bread

Starting at the beginning is always a good idea, so with venturing into the world of cooking I did just that. Cheese on toast was already in the bag, so how about trying to make the bread for it? This is what happened …

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Welcome to The Cook’s Digest

A warm welcome to The Cook’s Digest, the adventures of an amateur cook with a creative passion for discovering all that is culinary.

For years I believed that I could not cook, mostly based on some early disastrous attempts to impress … so I gave up. Given this experience, and that my wife served up some great meals, what was the point of me trying to cook?

And then something happened that changed our lives … we went on holiday to Vietnam.

That may not sound so earth-shattering in consequence, yet it was there (and Cambodia) that I discovered not only that I could cook, but that there was a whole world of foods of all varities waiting to be explored.

So on returning home, and armed with a couple of books, a few ingredients and several years of catching up to do, I embarked on a most wonderful adventure.

Starting with the basics … baking bread.

A loaf of freshly baked bread