Mad Max Turkey Burgers


For the next in our series of burger recipes, we present the Mad Max Turkey Burger. Infused with the flavours of the unqiue Mad Max seasoning, and packed with a little chorizo, this is a great tasting lean meat burger. And utterly delicious.

Mad Max Turkey Burgers

10 mins prep
10 mins cook
4-6 burgers
Serve with
Triple cooked chips
Wine match
Spanish Garnacha

What’s The “Mad Max” Reference?

Whilst the phrase “Mad Max” for most people may conjour memories of driving around a post-apocalyptic desert in some crazy vehicles, this is not the Mad Max I’m referring to.

The Max in question here is Max Rosen, famous for his ingenious method of cooking turkey. A couple of years ago he asked the good folks at Dizzy Pig BBQ to create a BBQ rub that was reminiscent of the aromas in his kitchen around Thanksgiving. And they dutifully obliged.

So it seemed appropriate to use the Dizzy Pig Mad Max turkey rub for these tasty burgers.



Mad max turkey burger with chips and tomato sauce


I cooked these burgers in our Big Green Egg, they can also be cooked on a cast iron surface on a stove top or other outdoors BBQ.

  1. Pre-heat cooking surface for 5-10 mins. For an Egg, get it to 300°C/570°F and let cooking surface warm up for 10 mins or until the surface temperature reads 300°C/570°F with an IR temperature gun.
  2. If the chorizo comes in links, strip the casing off. Cut it into small pieces, then combine evenly with the turkey mince. Add the Mad Max rub, pepper and salt to taste, then make four to six equally sized balls of meat (depending on how thick/big you want your burgers).
  3. Place the balls of meat onto oiled cooking surface. Cook for 1 min. If cooking with an Egg, close the dome.
  4. Using a spatula, flip balls of meat over and flatten into patty shapes around ½inch thick. Cook for 2 mins. If cooking with an Egg, carefully burp and open the Egg first and close the dome after the burgers are flipped and pressed. To keep burger crust intact, ensure the spatula goes completely underneath.
  5. Repeat the flip action three more times, cooking for 2 mins after each flip.If you’re adding cheese, do this on the last flip to melt it a little.
  6. Create burgers with mayo or coleslaw on base, then burgers. Top with lettuce, tomato slices, gherkins and whatever else takes your fancy.
Mad Max turkey burger served with some tomato ketchup

Hints, Tips and Pictures

  1. This is one of the few burgers I’ve tried where a brioche bun didn’t work so well with the flavour and texture of the burger. So I went with straight seeded buns, a better match.
  2. To prevent flare-ups on the Egg, when opening the Egg close the bottom grate completely to starve the oxygen supply. Then re-open a little when the dome is closed.
  3. Heat up the spatula prior to flipping the patties, this prevents sticking.
  4. For ultra thin burgers, you can make 8 2oz patties with this recipe. Depends on how you like your burger.
  5. I made these with some home-smoked red Leicester cheese. It was a perfect match for the rub flavours and chorizo. Check out my cheese smoking guide for how to smoke your own cheese.
    Smoking some red Leicester cheese (and others)
  6. Ensure that your cooking surface is level, or the oil will flow onto one side. And spill over if you’re using a surface with no sides, not good on a heat source with live flames!

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