Top 40 Pizza Food Blog Award

I am thrilled to announce that The Cook’s Digest has been honoured for our contributions towards the pizza food scene, following on from our award a year ago for Vietnamese food blogging. Once again, the good folks at have recognised us as a major contributing to all things pizza!

I still remember the first day I successfully cooked a pizza, a ham and pineapple pie baked in our kitchen oven. Just like the first successful loaf of bread, that inaugural pizza pie wasn’t much to look at, and nowhere near the much-desired perfect circle, but it tasted fantastic.

Since that momentous day, I’ve immersed myself in the pursuit of making the best pizza possible. This was one of the reasons for purchasing a Big Green Egg … it is many things, including a pizza oven. It’s been a fun journey, and one I am still enjoying being on. A big thanks to Dan Lepard and Ken Forkish, their books, articles and approaches to making pizza have been game changing.

Here’s a selection of the popular pizza recipes and posts in The Cook’s Digest (click the pictures for the recipes):

Steak and mushroom pizza with bourbon bean sauce
New And improved pizza dough recipe
Moroccan lamb, goats cheese and spinach pizza

I’ve got more pizza recipes in the pipeline, including a Triple Buffalo pizza coming soon. So stay tuned folks, and thanks for reading!


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