Ramos Potatoes … Where Have You Been?

Chips / fries made with Ramos potatoes

It was a late, cold, snowy night when I last returned from Switzerland. On the way home I went to our local fish and chip shop and whilst waiting, talked with the owner about their amazing chips. He revealed that they used Ramos potatoes and sold me half a bag to try out … they made the most amazing home cooked chips and potato wedges we’ve had.

Intrigued? Read on …

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Best Nine 2017

Best nine 2017

It’s been a fun 2017 here at The Cook’s Digest. We won a blogging award, had a recipe go viral and expanded our horizons . So here’s our best nine cooks of 2017 …

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Vietnamese Food Blog Award

Top 40 Vietnamese Food Blog Award

I am thrilled to announce that The Cook’s Digest has been honoured for our contributions towards the Vietnamese food scene. We have recently been recognised as one of the top Vietnamese Food Blogs by the good folks at feedspot.com. And perfect timing, as this coming weekend the country celebrates National Day.

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Happy Birthday To The Cook’s Digest

A chocolate cake made by my wife

This month marks a year of The Cook’s Digest. It’s been a lot of fun, and an interesting learning experience. In this post I share some of the  important events and aspects of the year.

And also eat some chocolate cake to celebrate. 🙂
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A New Look for The Cook’s Digest

The new blog look and feel

When is a blog not a blog? When it is an IT project.  I recently realised that The Cook’s Digest had become too focused on making it look good rather than fulfilling what I originally wanted to do … sharing our home cooking experience.

It also transpired that from the outset of this blog, my wife was, in fact, right …
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Adventures with The Big Green Egg

Our Big Green Eggs ... a Minimax and Large

I recently added a Big Green Egg to our collection of cooking appliances. This is more than just a kitchen gadget though … partly because it is normally used outside.

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Short and Sweet – “A blueprint for great home baking”

Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard

My go-to home baking book is Short and Sweet by Dan Lepard. Not just a recipe compilation it is, in Dan’s own words, a “blueprint for great home baking”, imparting much wisdom in a concise and approachable style.

“I truly believe that life is improved by cake.”
Dan Lepard

The “eureka” moment was minimal knead bread-making. A slow, steady rise, interjected with 15 second kneads, it is a good fit for home baking in the maelstrom of modern life.

Dan is a master across the field of baking. His book covers cakes, biscuits, desserts, pizza and even beer-battered fish!

The book can be purchased from amazon.co.uk in either hardback or Kindle format.

Cook A Life Less Ordinary

Boiled rice with pomegranate seeds ... less ordinary

In the past I made a shopping list for meals we cooked regularly, went to a supermarket and purchased what is on that list. Same meals, week after week, or takeaways.

Since discovering cooking can be a lot of fun, we try different things. This could be a dish we have seen or eaten in a restaurant or at a friend’s house, or using a new ingredient.

Mealtimes have been transformed, as we Cook a Life Less Ordinary.
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The First Loaf of Bread

My first loaf of bread

Starting at the beginning is always a good idea, so with venturing into the world of cooking I did just that. Cheese on toast was already in the bag, so how about trying to make the bread for it? This is what happened …
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Welcome to The Cook’s Digest

Ingredients for ... well, anything really

A warm welcome to The Cook’s Digest, the adventures of an amateur cook with a creative passion for discovering all that is culinary.

For years I believed that I could not cook, mostly based on some early disastrous attempts to impress … so I gave up. Given this experience, and that my wife served up some great meals, what was the point of me trying to cook?

And then something happened that changed our lives … we went on holiday to Vietnam.

That may not sound so earth-shattering in consequence, yet it was there (and Cambodia) that I discovered not only that I could cook, but that there was a whole world of foods of all varities waiting to be explored.

So on returning home, and armed with a couple of books, a few ingredients and several years of catching up to do, I embarked on a most wonderful adventure.

Starting with the basics … baking bread.

A loaf of tiger bread