About the Cook’s Digest

Hi, my name is Adam and I love to cook. Mainly bread, Vietnamese food and anything that can be conceived on a Big Green Egg.

A recent holiday in Vietnam turned out to be a life-changing experience as far as culinary endeavours are concerned. Prior to this, I shied away from cooking, sticking with the simple stuff … roasting a chicken, cheese on toast, that sort of thing.

It was a singular event in Halong Bay that both broke down my preconceptions of, and ingited my passion for, cooking. Since then, cooking has progressed from something to be avoided into a hobby and now this blog.

Mi Quang from Da Nang, Vietnam

In this blog, I aim to share with you the fun I had learning that cooking is quite achievable. Each recipe will have tips and tricks, along with the utensils needed, to make a successful meal. Where appropriate, I’ll also highlight the books that have been so useful to becoming a reasonably successful, amateur cook.

Now to get back into the kitchen (or Big Green Egg) and cook something. I’ll leave you with a picture of the first successful “loaf” of bread that I made after returning from Vietnam. It got a lot better after this, but heck I had to start somewhere, we all do.

Good luck and cook on!

The first loaf of bread ... and the start of the journey
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I’m happy to share what I write, it’s why I started the blog in the first place. Just so long as credit is given where it is due.