Sous Vide Seared Rib-Eye Steak

Sous vide rib-eye steak seared on a Big Green Egg

Steak is a popular starting point for sous vide cooking. It showcases how easy it is to achieve an even level of done whilst retaining both moisture and flavour. Our sous vide rib-eye steaks have been consistently delicious.

Find out how to get evenly cooked steak every time with a sous vide.

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Beef Tagliata with Rib Eye Steak

Beef tagliata using reverse seared rib-eye steak

At a recent dinner party, we were served Beef Tagliata. An Italian dish of slices of rare steak with shaved Parmesan cheese and rocket salad, it is accompanied by a dressing with rosemary, garlic and lemon. And it was wonderful.

I was so impressed that I had to try making it at home. Served with a bottle of Fitou, this was (and still is) a meal to remember.
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Hearty Winter Beef Stew

Winter stew used to make a delicious beef pie

Frosted cars, ice on the pond and Christmas decorations … all sure signs that winter is upon us. In a frosty climate it can be a challenge to simply raid the fridge and make a fulfilling meal.

So instead, make a delicious and hearty winter beef stew. Cost-effective and versatile, it warms both body and soul during the cold winter nights.
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Steak and Mushroom Pizza with Bourbon Bean Sauce

Steak and mushroom pizza, cut and ready to serve

I enjoyed a bowl of smoked bourbon baked beans at the weekend, paired perfectly with a juicy rib-eye steak. What to do with the leftover beans though? I had planned to make a pizza during the week. A steak pizza for that matter.

In a moment of culinary creativity, my wife blended the remaining beans into a sauce as a passata substitute. It resulted in one of the best tasting meat pizzas that we had.
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Reverse Seared Rib-Eye Steaks

Reverse-seared steak with an even level of done throughout

Recently we cooked a lovely 2 inch thick rib-eye steak using the reverse sear technique.  The beef was cooked evenly throughout, and the rubbed seared crust was outstanding. It was some of the best steak we have experienced, our cats confirming this assessment.

Find out how to cook this in your own home with an oven, Big Green Egg or BBQ.

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Rib-Eye Steaks with Smoked Garlic

Monster rib-eye steak served with roasted vegetables

Sometimes a simple meal with friends can be just as memorable as an extravagant event. Last night we feasted on monster rib-eye steaks with smoked garlic, cooked on a large Big Green Egg, with vegetables roasted on the minimax. Served with some lovely red wine, these were about the best steaks we have cooked.

And by “we”, I mean my wife. 🙂
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