Peruvian Marinated Pork with Sour Cream Dip

Peruvian marinated pork

Peruvian chicken is a classic, tasty dish with many permutations. The basis of all of the different recipes is a marinade that combines a few spices to give a memorable flavour to the chicken.

After tasting the marinade, I thought it would work equally well with pork chops. So when in Rome … or, in this case, Lima …
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Black Bean Coconut Rice

Black bean coconut rice served with a double pork chop

Side dishes are often overlooked, with focus given to the main event. Yet they can be fantastic in their own right, a true co-star instead of a supporting cast member.

Black bean coconut rice is just such a dish. It’s a superb companion for meals with a bit of a kick.
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“Life of Spice” Chicken Legs

Life of Spice chicken legs cooking in a Big Green Egg

After thoroughly enjoying the delicious Jamaican jerk spatchcock chicken, it was clear that spiced rubs can enrich a meal. The “Life of Spice” company offer a range of rubs to enhance flavours. I tried five individual rubs on some chicken legs, all distinct and very tasty.
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Banh Mi Panini – A Vietnamese Sandwich

The ingredients to make a Banh Mi Panini

Banh mi is to Vietnam what a sandwich is to the western world, and along with Pho Ga is a contender for Vietnam’s national dish. Packed with tasty pork, fresh herbs and mouth-tingling pickled vegetables, it takes the lunch experience to a whole new level.

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